A whirling nightmare come to life on the PC. CoC immerses players in what may be considered the happiest of sorrows.

User Rating: 8.6 | Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth PC
Spending several long and dutiful years in production, Call of Cthulhu has finally been released to the apathetic public. Expanding on the various themes depicted in the HP Lovecraft novels, CoC creates a world like no other. Personally, my love for this game comes entirely out of the way it completely engulfed me into the horrific world. That is to say, that I was truly taken back by several events in the story. Such as an earlier stage in which the character is pursued by angry townsfolk in a rustic hotel. The player is forced to block doors, and create obstacles to hinder their pursuers. The very event will have most players sweating bullets, trying to stay ahead.

Having been unfamiliar with the novels, I'm unable to say how accurate the world of Lovecraft is portrayed. However, whatever Bethesda has done with it is absolutely fantastic. Although, I'm not sure that the punishing difficulty and incidents of trail and error were apart of this world.

Graphically considered outdated by many reviews, my impressions are more more along the lines of "does the job". A creeping soundtrack throughout leads to the immersion of the fantastic game world.

Worth EVERY hour of game play.