Build your own Rome city

User Rating: 8 | Caesar III PC
It's an old game for PC nowadays, this game reminds us with sim city, it's all about building. But not just an ordinary build a city this game have citizen life and you have to keep them to stay in your Rome city.
The only way to get a citizen is by making a house with a road so that the immigrant can come to your city and make a living. It's logic. You can develop your simple village and become a beautiful city like Rome.

Making facilitation in military, farming, ironing, religion and senate. You have to find a structure way with step by step to create the dream city of Rome.
The hard part in the game is when the house is lack of maintenance or water and some house will be collapse or on fire. And the disease if you lack of doctor , the disease will plague quickly and your beautiful city is no more if you not do something about it.
And there is also one hard time like worship to God , you can't stalling time and forget about god here not like in the real world. If you do that god of each realm will make a disaster to those field.

Good point :
1. It trains your logic by making the city structure
2. It trains you to respect to God all the time

Bad point :
1. It makes you frustrated and you will leave this game untouch for a whole month or more