a great hunting game.

User Rating: 7.5 | Cabela's Dangerous Hunts XBOX
One day I spent all day siting on my (ass, arse) playing the challenges in this game. I only got up to go "potty" or get some food. Then retreat back to the Xbox. It’s really a pointless game but if you’re a hunter you'll love it. When you complete the challenges you unlock an x-ray scope which for some reason doesn't work over rock. The only bad thing is when you’re stalking a trophy for an hour or so and a message comes up on the screen saying "your tag has been taken down by another animal". It’s only happened to me once when I was really bored that I stalked an elk crouching for 1 hour before a black bear ate it. Now I run to the animal, shooting anything in my way to get it.

I recommend go hunting for rhino's and only take a knife. It takes awhile but it's always fun.

But all in all I find this game better than cabela's big game hunter, dangerous hunts 2 and deer hunt season 2005. But there the only cabela's hunting games I've played.

But i say if you're after a hunting game, buy this one.