Fun game, Cool Weapons, Weird Animals.

User Rating: 7 | Cabela's Dangerous Hunts XBOX
This is the first game in the start of the Cablela's Dangerous Hunts series. I acutally like it, it's a very realistic shooter for hunting animals. First of all there are tons of different animals and levels and animals you can choose from to kill! I love this game. I thought this was just going to be another terrible game, but it's not. One of my favorite things in the game though is when you can go to Africa and hunt the lions. I usually use the crossbow, it's very addictive and fun to play with the family. It's worth about ten bucks now because all of the other ones, but If you want to start a new collection in your series, I would reccament you to start out with this game. You will find all the things you could find in any other hunting games for the X Box. This one is probably the best. 7/10