Great Game Fast and Fun And Sometimes Crazy

User Rating: 7 | Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box PC
Burnout Paradise is a great game for mad driving and just good fun for time to waste etc unfortunately the PC version of The Ultimate Box is not what it says on the box. Its the vanilla version but you only get bikes and thats it I bought it off the STEAM store and because Criterion and EA shut down the online store you can't unlock the extra content from Toy Cars, Booster Specials and the extra island. With that its lost a few points because I owned all of it on the PS3 version and the extras really make this game worth the money, it's a shame EA and Criterion won't reopen the store and yet are still selling it has a half baked product.

But because of this it's worth playing for the vanilla version because there's still so much to do and you can still play online with friends. EA/Criterion may re open up the store again soon because this at the time was in a Humble Bundle and load of people bought it and are now playing it again.