It can't be that short, only spent one and a half week to finish the whole world tour, doesn't challenge me at all......

User Rating: 8 | Burnout Legends PSP
The good:
Road rage, pursuit, race, crash, world tour, collector challenge for wireless play, game share, legendary cars to win and also up to 6 players wireless play.

The bad:
Less tracks from burnout 3, all crash locations are from burnout 3, some frame rate problems, and much like Burnout 3 game play.

The reason why I gave 8/10 because it just easy for me, no new tracks, no new crash locations, and much like burnout 3.

I used to play Burnout 3 on my Ps2, it was pretty fun then when I bought this game, I played it, wasn't exciting for me, because is similar to Burnout 3.
This is a great game for racing games fans and especially for
PSP fan boys , and I would say pretty good racing game. How ever in the beginning of this game, the first race is good for beginners of burnout 3, later on you can unlock a few new cars and more stuff like locations, playing face off is to win opponent's car, crash mode is crashing the traffic how much as you can.

The last race is special GP on super mode, when you win, you finished all of race events and also final crash which it is called: "Crash out".