I'm Speechless...

User Rating: 9.8 | Bully PS2
Wow.... I really do not have anything bad to say about this game. The game is simply Amazing, I have never played a game with this much detail and depth... The story plot for one thing really draws you in and you really get into it, the characters are very colourful and extremely memorable.... The story is very big and lasts at least 40-50 hours, Maybe even more. Theres so many little details that make this game even more enjoyable such as Drinking from fountains, riding bikes, skateboards, bullying, punching prefects and running off, You even get other little kids and bullies calling you names and talking and some actually trip you up just for the fun of it, resulting for you to chase them down.... how awesome is that!!!??? The only drawback that some people have about this game is the graphics... but I personally think they are just fine.

What else would you expect from a great company such as RockStar Games, nearly every one of their games are simply fantastic and this one does not let the company down at all.

Enough said, You simply have no reason to not get this game. :D

Buy it. It is your Destiny :)