the game that lasted longer than the war is a hit!!! brothers in arms will not only suck you in but make you feel it

User Rating: 9.5 | Brothers In Arms: Hell's Highway PS3
i know i know your think oh man ANOTHER WWII game well my friends this game is far from feeling like any other WWII games, i mean lets face medal of honor you r always some different protagonist that you dont really care about but that series has died slowly , call of duty got the hint making a modern warfare game that was a hit but still they decided to go back and make another WWII game but this, game is nothing like any other WWII game you will ever play it has some of the richest and nicest graphice you will see to date, and the gore is amazing i dont think i've ever cringed at a game before , my point is is that hells highway is just that some body smack dab put you in the middle of hell and then beat you sense less and then said go kill those guys , you will lose a lot of men and you will feel it every time you do , when it comes to seeing people write there names on the walls of germany or you lose one of youe squad members with apin flash backs in the mix this game is a definate must ahve and buy, you need to have this game to see one of the bravest fights of this gamming generation brothers in arms gets a 9.5 out of 10