That`s the spiritual sucessor of Ico, even more than Shadow of Colossus, heartbreaking story and inovative gameplay!

User Rating: 1 | Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons X360
This game defines why we should definitivelly stop saying that video games are for kids, the state of the art "Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons" is a powerfull example of what a real adventure game should be, great story, amazing graphics, a soberb themesong and an original controlling is the perfect pack of outrageous 6 7 hours of gameplay.
The first time you play "Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons", you have the real sensation that: It`s not going to work!!!, how in the name of god I will controll two caracters in the same time, I have tryed it before, on those old actions rpg like baldurs gate and champions of norrah. So, seemed to be impossible, but for my surprise, in less than an hour, i was adptated to the control, I have my own modus operandi, puttig the brothers in the same directions of the joysticks, believe me, it will make a great diference, I can`t say that it was confortable but make do.
The journey is fantastic, storytelling is good as well as the puzzles, wait for some plot twist in the story and gameplay, reminds me of the first metal gear solid for playstation.
Have in mind that this game is an sensorial experience that transcends the game, have that in mind if you want to finish this game as well you did with MGS.