User Rating: 6.5 | Brink PS3
i had high hopes for brink i can say that.
ok so i have been waiting since the day it was announced and i watched all the developer's diary's and have been saving up for it..the day i go to get it cost me 70 bones..(average price for a game the day it came out) and i play it and then this happens...THE GOOD AND THE BAD TIME.

THE GOOD :) 10 total

#1. PARKOUR!!! lol no but seriously parkour is an awesome thing to have in an video game. who doesn't love vaulting climbing and leaping?
#2. great story.i( mean 2 factions fighting for control of an island that's never been done before, but really the story is good.
#3. an rpg in an fps game it's an idea and it works.
#4. customizable characters. it shows just how bad@ss you can look. are great and visualzation is beautiful the ark really shows it's past (thanks to Olivier Leonardi)
#6 both sides feel different and have different approaches to the storyline (such as resistance would rather destroy objectives while security would rather defend objectives)
#7. lots of weapons and weapon accesories which change the weapon greatly
#8. all classes are unique and don't feel the same.
#9 abilites change the game greatly.
#10 it has a good heart..but fails.

THE BAD :( 10 total.
#1. IT'S VERY SHORT. if you play like i did you will beat both campaigns in a week tops.

#2 in order to unlock stuff (costumes, and abilites) you have to log in ( estimation) 50 hrs or more. (for one character!!)

#3 most teammates rely on you to complete objectives.they just shoot at the other team and die constantly oh and revive you (only half the time other time you sit there for 3 minutes waiting for a medic before deciding to respawn.)

#4 the voice acting ( during battles not cutscenes) is horrible and annoying and they say the same dialouge over and over ugh,

#5 the weapons aren't as powerful as they look...(having a pistol as a sidearm in this game is not advised,)

#6 only 4 game modes..campaign (you know battle for the ark?) freemode (campaign but jumbled up..:( challenge mode (very frustrating) and online ( don't know about that because im a solo player.)

#7. some weapon attachements actually make the weapon less effective (be careful)

#8.only 8 maps. (in all modes.except challenge)

#9 pricey...(or me $70 for you $30??)

#10 you can't have all of the abilites (as far as i know)


well it's not the same brink i saw on the's like "let's take the stuff people saw and replace it with other (dare i say) crap and ship it out they will never know the difference and we'll be rich!!! $70 down the drain..but i mean it's a decent game but if you can get it for say $20 then go for it but any price above it is ridiculous.. BL: NOT GOOD BUT NOT BAD EITHER.

(p.s if you don't believe me about the tapes and you have the game check out the tapes and then play the game :D )