Breach is a poorly executed mix of Battlefield and Call of Duty that to keep it simple, sucks.

User Rating: 6 | Breach X360
All portions of the game Breach are just plain awful. The graphics look five years old and it takes an hour to get into a game, not that you'll really want to. The game tries to copy Battlefield's system of destruction, and while it's fun for the first five minutes eventually those outdated explosion graphics are revealed to be well, outdated explosion graphics. The game modes are the same you'd expect from any run of the mill shooter, except for convoy, in which you protect (take a wild guess) a convoy. Unfortunately this convoy consists of only two medium sized cars. Maybe if I felt like I was protecting something more valuable or exciting I would have more drive to play.

The bottom line is, this game tried to pull of a Battlefield 1943 or Blacklight: Tango Down and messed up big time. Don't buy it, or even get the trial.