A great, fun way to exercise the ol' noggin. Just don't play the Sudoku before going to bed.

User Rating: 8 | Touhoku Daigaku Mirai Kagaku Gijutsu Kyoudou Kenkyuu Center Kawashima Ryuuta Kyouju Kanshuu: Motto Nou wo Kitaeru Otona no DS Training DS
To be honest, the best thing that I liked about this game was the knowledge that I was getting something out of it. As it's proven that exercises like memory tests, logic puzzles, and other things of the like are good for your brain's development and stability, this is a great way to get it all.

The game starts as a little confined, as you're not immediately able to access all of the brain-games, but it doesn't take long at all before they're all unlocked. When you eventually do, you'll probably find that some of the games are either boring, or not your kind of fun, but this is remedied by the fact that you have many more to choose from.

You can also choose to either challenge yourself by setting up the difficulty level, or just going through it leisurely and relaxingly on an easier pace. Throughout the game, you can record your brain's progress once a day by performing the "Brain Age Check" and see how much you're improving.

What's this, though? You've done your check and done all the brain-training games for the day? Not to worry, because Brain Age 2 also comes with a full set of Sudoku puzzles for you to tackle. (Although I had a bad experience with these by doing them before sleeping. I was seeing numbers when I closed my eyes.)

Another thing; this is a great game that the whole family can play, as the game comes with multiple save-file slots so that everyone can keep their own records.

The only downside to this game I could think of is that it's not a game that you can take out on the go, as you need to concentrate quite hard on many things in it, which every-day distractions can make quite difficult.

Other that that, this game is a great. All-in-all, I would say that's is a good investment to buy. As I said, I enjoy the knowledge that you can get from this game everything that you put into it.