A must play masterpiece

User Rating: 8 | Borderlands X360

The true shining star is the fantastic voice acting by the cast through out the game.

Sort of cartoon looking and not as defined as they could be. A few bugs and glitches as well. I think it's really the only aspect of the game that I think isn't on par with the rest. It keeps me from giving it a perfect score.

Game Play:
It's your basic first person shooter but I think the ability to use different action skills is a nice touch and keeps it from being just another shooter game.

Not much of a story and it doesn't do enough to explain why you are doing what you are doing. Fantastic and memorable side characters such as Clap-Trap. Plenty of missions to do through out. The ability to replace the game with a second, harder play through is nice too. Lots of replay value, I've put an easy 200+ hours into the game. Plenty of different weapons to choose from as well. Playing online can be fun but does suffer from minor lag and connection issues.

Overall: 8/10
Yes, There are a few issues that keep it from being a perfect game but the fact of the matter is that Borderlands is a perfect game. Score aside, It's been one of my favorite games to play and trust me, I've played through all 3 games plus all the DLC. I have a blast with each game that has come out and this is the one that started it all.