would have been a great game, too bad its more buggy than an ant farm...

User Rating: 5 | Boiling Point: Road to Hell PC
the first time i played this through i thought "well the devs have truckloads of ideas, shame they don't know the meaning of 'de-bug'"
the upgrades of weapons is good, wear and tear was good concept and the completely open world was a good idea for this type of game but many issues stopped me from actually bothering with it again.
the major problem is bugs. the list of bugs for this game is longer than the brief history of the universe. extended edition.
for example, when in a firefight, i switched to my FAL and all that happened was a frozen game. same thing happens when accepting quests, looking at the map, shooting people or going too deep into the jungle.
the major problem for me was the fact that the game's engine was sluggish. i had way above the recommended specs for this game and it still juttered like it didn't know what to do next.

overall, the concepts in the game are very good and would have worked well but the bugs and choppy engine just put this game in the bin.