Though not really anything special, Bloodrayne is a bloody good time.

User Rating: 7.5 | BloodRayne GC
Bloodrayne is the tale of the titular Rayne, a half-human, half-vampire (a hybrid called a dhampir), set in the early 1930s. She is recruited by the mysterious Brimstone Society to become their special agent. Once you complete a training mission in the Louisiana bayou where strange creatures are wreaking havoc on the general population, you will be given your first real mission: You must take down a special branch of the Nazi army that is seeking supernatural artifacts which will allow Adolf Hitler to rise to power. Rayne must infiltrate two Nazi bases (one in Argentina and one in Germany) to assassinate key officers involved on the project. It's not the best plot in all the world. Really, it's just a contrived little story so that you can have a sexy bloodsucker killing Nazis.
Plothole-ridden story aside, Bloodrayne is a solid, unspectacular game. The graphics are quite good by 2002 standards, much more so than some of its contemporaries, which hurt the eyes quite a bit today. Similarly, it boasts very good voicework. In some places the animation can be a little choppy, but it's not bad.
Rayne controls pretty easily, except for when she's jumping. Even then, you shouldn't be in too much trouble except for when you are in areas filled with water. (Water is about the only traditional vampire weakness that harms Rayne, so avoid it at all costs.) In combat, Rayne has the blades on her arms and all the guns she can find to battle her foes with. And of course, she can leap onto just about any enemy and suck their blood to replenish her own health. She has a grappling chain for pulling distant enemies closer, and can go into a Blood Rage for total decimation of her enemies. She has three special visual abilities: One that allows her to see through walls to track her ultimate objective, one that slows down the action a la Matrix-style, and one for sniping. They all come in handy at certain points in the game.
I feel I must explain the 'guilty pleasure' aspect of the game. No doubt, Rayne's sexuality is emphasized in this game. I know it's been seven years since the game released, but do you remember the ads that ran for it? Lets just say they played up the sexual angle of Rayne's 'relationship' with her victims. She is certainly a sexy lady who dresses to show off her bod, and is full of tongue-in-cheek one-liners to taunt her foes with. Finally, just listen to her while she's doing her thing. She moans so much you'd think...well, I don't think I can say that here, but you get the point.
In addition to the sexual content, you'd be a fool to think this game wouldn't be bloody-as-all-hell. Every bullet and blade that makes contact with an enemy will send blood spurting, and more often than not, Rayne will dismember her victims before killing them in grand, gory fashion. Needless to say, this isn't a game for the young or weak-of-stomach. But if you are up for it, this will provide a decent adventure for you.