One of those underappreciated gems.

User Rating: 8.5 | BloodRayne GC
Since I had no other games to buy for my gamecube, considering I got all worth having, I decided to give poor overlooked bloodrayne a chance, since it was cheap.

Well, my first impression was not very good, the voiceacting was horrid, the first half hour of gameplay was mediocre, running around the swamp beating monsters very limited gameplay whatever...

But suddenly the game just turned upside down, in other words it got much much better. The rest of the game is from that point about kicking nazis ass.
And well, it's from that point you earn the ability to play everything in slow mo, and it looks very very good, plus you are jumping like 4-5 meters in the air normally. Well, I don't want to waste more time in writing about the other effects as it is written in all other reviews, but I will just say that this game gets better after running through the swamp-part which isn't too long.

however, some may find the game a bit repetive, considering there aren't a huge variation of combos, but on the other hand the game isn't only about fighting hand to hand, there is a decent number of 31 different weapons, and well, most of them are really awesome. Just running forward in slow motion shooting with to uzi is just like heaven:=) can say the same about using a grenade launcher while taking a side-wheel in slow-motion. It's just.... GREAT! The music is also very atmospheric and at least I found it catchy (in a way). Last I will just say that the graphics are good, nothing revolutionary, but good. And I liked the way they animated Rayne's hair:) looks really anime-ish or maybe kill bill-ish. great game, but well.... don't give up on it, just because of the first stage