Not the best shooter but a fun game and story

User Rating: 7.5 | BloodRayne PC
I am not a fan of shooters so i have not played them all but have played enough to know what is good and bad. I will admit the main reason i first tried the game is the because it had a sexy redhead vampire as the main character who wore skimpy cloths but i was surprised to find a decent game too boot. I am a big horror and Sci-fi fan so i found the story very interesting. If you are a shooter fan than this is decent game to try at least once but do not look for a breakthrough experience. If you are a fan of horror and vampire games than this will be up you're ally or at least it was for me. Overall a better than average game but nothing to make stand out from the rest. Bloodrayne is A Good shooter,Good story and makes a decent game but nothing to make you tell everyone about this new game you just played.