Fast-paced, gory and sensual, Bloodrayne is a nice action game, even 3 years after its release date.

User Rating: 7.3 | BloodRayne PC
Bloodrayne puts you in control of Rayne, a cold blooded and sensual vampire whose objective is to hunt down and eliminate Nazi soldiers. Dead simple, eh?

The plot is very bad in Bloodrayne but it's easy do ignore it since it only plays a secondary role in the game. The focus of Bloodrayne is on its never ending and exciting combats, sensual and deadly maneuvers and good cutscenes. You attack the Nazis but you might've been dealing with mobsters, CIA agents, Muslim, armed drug dealers or any one still foolish enough to attempt to control an ancient demon.

Rayne is not an actual vampire, she's the offspring of a human being and a Vampire. That means she does not have some of the regular vampire weaknesses but she does rely on blood for sustenance. Rayne's strength will increase throughout the game in the form of superior combat maneuvers and an interesting number of powers.

The game's graphics are nice and the engine - infernal - is quite solid. You control Rayne in third person view, with fast camera movements and quick turn-around. Rayne's model is sexy and her acrobatics is nimble and nice to watch. What else would you want from a Vampire ? Aiming is automatic and the results depend on your position - it's easier to hit while you're standing still rather than doing a backflip - on your enemies speed and on the distance. It's pretty easy to get a good shot. Soon in the game you'll get a power called dilated perception, that makes everything go in slow motion, matrix style, and you can easily dodge bullets and better understand the shooting dynamic.

Melee combat plays in important role in Bloodrayne. Though capable of using Panzerfausts, grenades, pistols, rifles and machine guns, Rayne's deadliest weapon is a pair of 4-foot-long blades attached to her wrists. The game has been designed so that you do not care much about firearms. You pick them up, shoot until you empty the magazines and leave them on the ground, you don't collect ammo. That does not mean firearms are useless, they're just not the main attraction.

Once you come close to an enemy, the game's engine allows you to tear enemies' bodies apart with your blades. You can sever an arm, a hand, the head, part of the head, slice an enemy in two in various angles etc etc etc. Injured enemies will scream and flee, leaving a trace of blood until they die. As one might easily guess, dilated perception + melee = lots of blood, gore and body parts :P

As you cut down through the enemy ranks, you find yourself facing a number of occult creatures, part of a Nazi plan to rule the world that surprisingly turn against them. Clichés aside, there is a number of interesting soldiers and boss battles. I'd highlight the butcheress, a half-naked sexy melee fighter and a priest whose altar turns into a TOW.

The dialogues are witty, funny and do a good job of depicting Rayne as a sadistic bloodthirsty fiend. The cutscenes are very nice not only when it comes to beauty but they also convey very well Rayne's charisma and style.

It's a great action game that nicely blends firearms, melee, gore and a very nice main character. Though killing Nazi-cultist has been done a lot of times before, it's never been done with that much style.