Value for money. Best arcade game.

User Rating: 9.5 | Bloodforge X360
Most of the arcade games, are cheap games, made with a reduced budget and therefore have to settle with many compromises.
They have to be immersive and focus on alternative paths of gameplay.
Some of them, are just a rip off of a known title, that share nothing more, but the title withe original AAA title.
Since they cant compete with graphics and cannot have a compelling and deep gameplay, or long duration, they let you with a bitter taste,
once you finish them...

But this title is different, it is cheap, but it doesnt feel or look cheap!
It is exaclty what the trailers promises to be and further more!!
It is fairly long, it makes no compromises on visuals, presentation, plot and gameplay. It does reminds GOW in many ways.
You are Krom, The God, Conan has at his lips.
You are like early Kratos, a butcher, a killing machine, that has no God powers, but as you progress, you gain more powers and weapons, that can be enhanced and make you a more efficient gutter.
It also has reminds Beowolf, quite a lot.
It has even more RPG elements, as you carry more potions and find more bonuses though.
It also has more gore than GOW, you will literally spill rivers of blood in your quest.

There are some limitations of course, the game is fairly linear, the scenics and enemies kind of repetitive too.
But for such a cheap game of +1GB or so, it is a miracle that it can fill all that content.

It also has a lot of free cool avatar gear and some other extras.
IMHO, this is one of the very few arcade games, that doesnt feel like a game that can be played on a mobile phone and actually is a next gen tittle
( not even Vita can match it atm)
In the past 2 years it felt that MS has run out of exclusive content and could offer pretty much no exclusive content and a reason to prefer this console, over the PS3+PC combo, apart from the Forza4 and better prices in US (and piracy of course, for some)
This title is the only 2012 tittle that can make a 360 owner proud!
Its smth PC+PS3 owners wont taste and feel sorry for it and iphone freaks will crave upon...