So back to basics as we head back into Nosgoth for a second adventure with Kain, but this time what is there to expect?

User Rating: 7.5 | Blood Omen 2 PS2
So back to basics as we head back into Nosgoth for a second adventure with Kain, but this time what is there to expect? Basicaly the story goes like this, (Since this review is written in 2010 i'm not holding any spoilers back) This game takes place before Soul Reaver 2 and slightly during Defiance. The events in Defiance is what creates the events in Blood Omen 2 to unravel such as the re-incarnation of Janos Audron or explain what happened after Defiance ended as Kain was left at the edge.

So the story is this, Kain and his first Vampire army continue to try and take over Nosgoth but the Hylden were able to stop Kain and knock him into a comatose state. Kain wakes up and he is PISSED to find out all thats happened while he was out and what happened to HIS vampire race. They were defeated at the same battle Kain was, they weren't prepared for the Hylden to be as strong as they were but later you relise that The Hylden Lord was wearing the Nexus Stone which made him invincible to the touch of the Soul Reaver (Which is Raziel Imbued at this time.) And once Kain was defeated The Hylden Lord stole the Soul Reaver and is using it throughout the game... even though you only really see him at the end and is very little mention of him until the second half of the game. The first half of the game appears to be focused on Kain and why he's so badass. As Kain progressess through the game he once had "Dark Gifts" which he lost after losing the battle. He will get them back by defeating those he gave his gifts to, his lieutenants that had surrendered and offered aliegance to the Sarafan. You will earn abilities like Jump and Beserk but you start to relise how awesome these powers are... then refusing to believe you would even want a stupid power like that. It seemed to me like the games controls were rather fustrating at parts but hey! That's what you get when its not made by the same developers at BO1, SR1 or SR2. Infact consider it a complete stand-alone game. The only drawing point is Kain and the huge Eidos logo on the box.

Voice acting in this game is amazingly and oddly strong but then again they do have a fully comitted cast and SIMON TEMPLEMAN!

Fighting controls leave alot to be desired. It's just awful and repetitive. Blood drinking is cool at the beginning but gets boring very easy.

The reason to play this game is to either explain the Hylden more or to understand what happened after Defiance. The game itself has a good story but the game seems somewhat rushed and seems like it could've been memorable and alot better if they put more effort into it.