Bloodbowl - 20 years of play testing pays off.

User Rating: 7 | Blood Bowl PC
Note this review is based on the turn based game only.

Gameplay: The actual in-game game play is good and the game of Bloodbowl is well recreated. Its great to see your little orcs and humans run about hitting each other and 95% of the official rules are in there and working - with the devs currently fixing some 10-20 minor bugged rules. The gameplay is fun and addictive, fans of the table top game will love it. Of course 20 years of play testing will ensure a fun and balanced strategy game, all that's left to do is implement it well.....

Nice Features: 8 or so teams to choose from that all look different and require differing tactics. There are ALOT of league, cup and campaigns options to take part in including the ability to create custom leagues and teams (although custom team setup is awkward). The AI is reasonably good - but experienced Bloodbowl players probably find it too easy even on hard, luckily there is a multiplayer Hotseat and Lobby system (although currently it has a poor and unfriendly interface).

Graphics: The (3-D) gfx are good with great stadium art and OK animations. I have mixed feelings because the overall UI design and artwork is third rate. I'm talking about hard to read status and chat windows, blocky artwork on window frames, overlapping impossible-to-read text above player's heads (can turn it off), in-game player stats cards poorly implemented and missing important data.

Sound: Poor - english commentary far too repetitive and crowd sounds get annoying. Music and sfx are OK.

Overall: There are some poor UI elements in-game but this does not detract from the fun actual in-game experience.

I am hoping the devs can seriously work on the UI and Lobby elements. The in-game UI feels sloppy. The out-of-game UI looks like it is from the year 2000 and is confusing at best. Why can I not quickly create 2 custom teams including star players and custom skills, and put them against one another?

Horrible tutorials.
Poor grammar and choice of English words in places.
Bad first impression - fixed when you actually start playing some matches.