Fantastic! Stays true to the board game!

User Rating: 9.5 | Blood Bowl PC
I was surprised to find out yesterday that Blood Bowl was actually available on PC! (yesterday being June 30th 2009) It took a while to download, but it was definitely worth it. I am a big fan of the board game and used to run Blood Bowl league with my friends. I even played the old Blood Bowl, which was nice, but lacking because you could only upgrade your players by buying star players. Also played Chaos League.

I will probably never play Blitz mode, because that's RTS, which would satisfy those who love RTS style games, but I love the Classic because it's very chess style game. The graphics are good, the models are great. I hear that if you have Skaven or Chaos that the mutations will show up on the models, can't wait to see that! :)

The rules are exactly like the game, what's cool is when you choose to block or blitz, it tells you how many block dice you will roll (white if it's in your favor, red if it's in the opponent's favor) AND it lists your stats before you do the block, like it you have block, tackle or dodge.

update: well I have played alot of BB, and played as Orcs, Chaos, Humans and found that you can choose the path if the computer doesn't select the right path and there is a button that you can use the Blitz, so you can do it manually.

I have actually been really successful with Chaos team. 14-1-5 in matches (all my losses and ties have been to fast teams who pull off cheesy touchdowns thanks to their dodge and catch abilities: Wood Elves and Skaven) The one drawback I'm seeing is my teams value is WAY over the other teams in the cup challenge I'm in, so to even things up, they can get star players to "even" things up. though.. it doesn't work too well, when I'm 1000 team rating over a team, the AI can't buy enough star players to make up the difference. Example: I went up against the Orcland Raiders, and they got 1 million crowns, and the only star player they picked up was Varag Ghoul-Chewer, and they definitely have enough money to buy more players... so I don't think it would work, did make for an easy 2-0 win. If I didn't get cursed by bad rolls... I probably would have won by more. (1st half didn't score at all) I get double skull twice way too often.. (that's a 1 in 1296 chance.. and yeah I get that not including "Loner" problem.. my minotaur has that.) You know one think I noticed that you can't remove Loner or Wild Animal, or Bonehead, which I think it's an option. (unless I'm missing it somewhere.) My minotaur got +1 AG and +1 MV :S now if I could get BLOCK and remove wild animal, he would be a scoring machine :P

I am still waiting for Dark Elves, High Elves and Undead. September is hopefully when it will be.
I've only played 4 matches, my Orc team has played 2, and got a thrower that rolled an 11! that's +1 AG. That is awesome, so your regular players get XP and can roll to get a random upgrade, just like the board game.

probably my only gripes is that sometimes the pathing of your player does when he tries to Blitz, because you do have to announce you are blitzing before you move (like in the rules), there might be a path where you don't have to dodge, but it goes into a dodge area and of course failed the dodge roll.

Also I am a little disappointed in only one thing: No Dark Elves, no High Undead. I hear they will be added later, so I'm willing to wait. If you love Blood Bowl, you'll love this game.