Giving players the opportunity to enjoy quality turn-based gaming.

User Rating: 10 | Blood Bowl PC
It's not even that much about if you like the interesting and easily immersive setting, or if you played the original tabletop game, or if you're just into original, cool, addictive ideas.

It's about a bleak gaming world where FPS clones with piles of programming bugs have become the norm; a world where gaming sites (including this one!) are calling "Role Playing Games" or even "Strategy" to what seasoned players usually refer to as arcade-action games; a world where quick-and-dirty action fixes for casual gamers is now the daily menu; a world where players with a little more maturity or simply craving for a little more intelligence in their games have nowhere to turn to, other than playing the same old quality games made up and until the late 1990's.

Blood Bowl provides a refreshing escape opportunity from that sad, ignorant world of zombie games for zombie players and gives us a fully fledged, old-school flavor, quality turn-based product that while simple at its core, will allow for many hours of leisurely enjoyment. For that, my sincere thanks to the publisher and my renewed hope that more companies realize that there's a public for quality turn-based gaming.

I urge any veteran players, or simply any players with the ability and the intelligence to appreciate a quality product, not to miss that opportunity both to play this rare jewel and also to demonstrate through their consumer power that we want more games like this one; go out and grab Blood Bowl NOW!

10/10 both for quality and for what it stands for.