Broken AI, incomplete single player game

User Rating: 1 | Blood Bowl PC
This is basically a review for anyone out there only interested in playing against the AI in this game. If you are instead mostly interested in playing against other people online, then don't bother with this review, since you won't run into the problems with the horrifically cheating ai that ruins the game for non-multiplayer players.

Basically, the ai cheats on its dice rolls.

The ai CHEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATS on its dice rolls, horrifically. So hopefully that puts enough emphasis on it.

In detail, don't be surprised to see the ai actually knock out your players at about a 99% clip, while your own players suffer a 50% chance (and remember this is all regardless of what team you pick which only makes it worse) to have any chance at knocking down or pushing back an opposing player backfire and cost you dearly, a 40% chance of just pushing them back, and a 10% chance of you actually getting the best result and knocking an AI player down. Keep in mind you get 10%, ai gets 99%, so don't be surprised when either all or all but ONE of the ai team is standing while 5+ of your own team is laying there with stars over their head. Same thing with dodge, the ai will artfully dodge past your players at about a 99% clip, while you will once again in turn pull this off at about 10%. Game after game, again and again. Over and over and over.