If you just want a good conversion of the board game this works well. Robust multiplayer system but weak single player.

User Rating: 7.5 | Blood Bowl PC
I loved the board game many years ago and found this is a wonderful recreation of it albeit with nowhere near all the possibilties on offer with the real thing.

The reason I cannot rate the game to highly is because everything the developer attempted to do..

-Blitz Mode
-One player campaign
-Training thing

...didnt work at all, what did work was the classic ruleset game so essentially its like reviewing the board game but with ease of getting into it (not painting figures for hours) and some simplications.

If you never played blood bowl before, its an excellent tactical game between 2 players that relies HEAVILY on luck and fortune to play a part too. But I always loved this because there is always a large element of fortune in real sports, upsets injuries to key players etc.

I would advise anyone now however to wait for the Legendary Edition which brings in pretty much all of the teams.