BLEACH DS 2nd delivers and crushes the portable competition.

User Rating: 9.5 | Bleach DS 2nd: Kokui Hirameku Requiem DS
BLEACH DS 2nd is the fighter-sequel that all gamers would like to take part in. Sticking true to its original roots, updating the roster, adding stronger move lists, and a variety of enhancing cards make this the best portable BLEACH game on the market. Although the graphics are nothing in comparison to its competitor on the PSP (Heat the Soul 1-4), the DS sticks strong to its 2D fighting style and steps it up a couple notches. The story mode is much more complex, original, and a blast to go through! As a matter of fact, you cannot fully accomplish the story mode in one run, so the game almost forces you to have to play it again. Which, trust me, is not a bad thing. The new, updated roster is much more fun, especially with characters like Matsumoto, Ikkaku, and Urahara, and the addition of such characters like Grand Fisher, Shrieker, Menos Grande, and Ririn make for some funny matches against friends. The online. Lets talk about the online. BLEACH DS 2nd did exactly what it needed to do to make this game better than the first, and that was add more servers for a stronger internet connection. The difference between the two games is beyond comparison, with the 2nd being far superior to its predecessor in connection speed, logging in, and being able to fight randomly over the server. However, with all the good, there is bound to be some negativity. The graphics, for a system that can do better, could have been much more detailed. Some characters looked poorly made and added very last minute. Some characters that were added almost seemed to be a waste of roster-space. Huge fans of the series would be disappointed with the lack of playable Arrancar and Vizards, since the PSP series featured playable characters much earlier than the DS. But all around, BLEACH DS 2nd is by far the best fighter-game out for the DS at the moment. It holds tons of playtime and a whole lot of replay value due to its online abilities. Fans of the series will be thoroughly please with what this game has to offer.