British humour at its best, in a PSOne game.

User Rating: 7.5 | Blazing Dragons PS
Blazing Dragons is made after a cartoon series of the same name. In this game, you control Flicker, a dragon who tries to become a knight, and wants to marry princess Flame. Of course, he has much trouble in is way.

Gameplay: This point-and-click adventure is very interesting, mainly because you have to grab things that seem meaningless and you have to work your brains out to figure out their utility in certain situations. Although sometimes it's frustrating to be constantly switching between the grabbing mode, looking mode, talking mode, etc.

Graphics: They look just like the cartoon itself, but... It's PSOne. You can't wait that much from it.

Sound: The voice acting is mind-blowing. The background music is nice, and helps in comic situations.

Replay Value: Next to none, for it has a linear storyline, with little else, if anything at all, to do.

It's a good game, but only for rental.

Final score: 7.3 (approximately 7.5)