This old school point and click adventure is one of the funniest titles for the PS.

User Rating: 6.2 | Blazing Dragons PS
Blazing Dragons is a classic title for the PS. Although many people today wouldn't even bother with a classic game such as this, if you are looking for a great PS title, you've found it. The story is very neat and funny one revolving around dragons and the kingdom of Camelhot. You are Flicker, a lowly servant serving the old and forgetful King Allfire. He has presented a tournament in which Knights will compete to become the new King of Camelhot and take his daughter, Princess Flame, in marraige. The quest to enter this one is a crazy and wacky adventure involving four other moronic knights, menacing humans, kidnapping, and many other various tasks. The game is simple to play. You have various body parts in which you use to move through and explore through your environment. You must gather up a variety of odd items and use them to solve puzzles that will lead you closer to becoming a knight. There are many hilarious parts thrown into the script. They might not send you into hysterics, but they're sure to put a smile on your face. The story really is the best part of this game. It is just so fun and nostalgic, and just so easy. Unlike many games today, which put you through menial tasks that are just tedious.

Okay, graphics really aren't the best in this game. It's a 2D environment, more like a cartoon. It just really fits the theme of the game well and is better than any (would-be for the PS) graphics games tried to put out back then. The backgrounds and characters are all done wonderfully and give you the feeling of what a dragon kingdom would be like.

The soundtrack to this game is very neat. It just makes you happier when you listen to it. It is like a goofy midevil type sound that is perfect. The voice actors are all really great and give a good sense of who their characters are. There aren't too many environmental noises to speak of, but when you have all the other good qualitys, who cares?

This game has no significant value at all unfortunately. Once you beat the game, that's it. No harder difficulties, no secrets, no nothing. It you can always go back and play this fun game again! But if you are looking for a cheap, fun PS title and have a spot for wacky adventure games, this is definitely for you.