Blazing Angels is a simple but fun arcade flying sim

User Rating: 7 | Blazing Angels: Squadrons of WWII X360
It's nice to see something different for a World War 2 themed game. Don't get me wrong, I love learning about WW2 but the shooters are getting a little old (even though I loved Call of Duty 2). Blazing Angels is something more new and original and although it may have it's frustrating moments, it's very underrated.

The story follows the "Angels of Dunkirk", as the squad is called, as they fight their way through many famous battles of World War II. It's nice to reenact some famous battles such as D-day, Pearl Harbor, Midway, the evacuation of Dunkirk, Battle over Britain, and many more. Some can be kind of easy but I have found challenge in some of them.

After you beat a mission, you can unlock two planes in each mission and there are a total of 46 planes. Well, most of them are unlocked from the campaign, but a few others have to be unlocked through "mini campaign" where you have to do a set of missions of dog fighting and bombing (which is all available after you beat the normal campaign).

When you unlock a plane, you can take it into "Arcade" mode where you have to fight three waves of 12 planes each. If you defeat them all, the plane that you used will get upgraded. You can also take them into "Ace" mode where you take on only one fighter who has the same plane and skills as you. After that, you unlock a new skin for your plane, the "Ace".

Multiplayer is the best feature. There are many modes to choose from such as Bombing Run, Duel, Kamikaze, etc. You can also play the mission objectives in co-op. The only problem is that it's only two players on one 360 so you need two in order to play 4 player. The game offers 16 players total.

This game could offer a little more as far as replayability goes but it's fun the way it is and it deserves more credit. If you want to try out something new and different for a World War 2 game, then Blazing Angels might be a good game for you.