A great F2P but needs some work.

User Rating: 7.5 | Blacklight: Retribution PC
Blacklight Retribution is a Free to Play first person shooter, unfortunately "free" doesn't really last past the loading screen. Sure you can earn in game money (by playing games) and pay for guns, mods, armor, etc. but the items only last 24 hours unless you pay real world money for them and even then it's expensive to permanently own an item. The leveling system is kind through the first ten levels as you can play on servers where the level cap is ten but after that your left to fend for yourself and you spend the next ten levels struggling against opponents at the level cap that have access to much better gear. Of course you could pay to have your character leveled instantly to level 30 which makes it extremely unfair to people that are playing for free.
Other than the whole issue of free v. play the game is quite nice. The graphics are solid, controls are intuitive, and a variety of gametypes are available to play. The leveling system is extremely problematic and makes it difficult to lower level players to defeat higher level ones. The weapons have alot of variety and attachments that allows almost millions of possible creations. Hardsuits (mechs) provide a nice mix into the game but can be difficult to destroy unless you know how. Armor is divided into three basic types (heavy, medium, and light) but it is hard to tell the difference between the three except for some very small numbers on the info screen.
After playing several hours I've noticed very few bugs or major glitches in the game and patches are consistently coming out. New weapons, mods, and heroes are constantly being added meaning the customization options are ever expanding.
All in all the foundation of a truly great game is there but it is hidden by a biased leveling system and "free" to play.