Retro, focus and concentration. The three words that describe Bit. Trip Beat.

User Rating: 7.5 | Bit.Trip Beat WII
Do you like retro gaming? Did you like or did you even know Pong back in the days? Pong was founded in 1972 by Atari. In short: It is a 2D table tennis game that you play against either a computer controlled opponent or another player. Bit. Trip Beat is the same... almost. The computer controlled opponent is a bit different though and you cannot play against another player, but up to three players can help you keeping the beat alive.

Bit. Trip Beat is a real challenge, but I guess this has to be the game with the easiest controls a game can have. Placing the remote between your hands, the only thing you have to do is tilt it. You can press d-pad or a button for an occasional extra sound. The bass of the music comes through the speaker of the remote. Actually it effects the gameplay a bit, because you can see your paddle shake when the beat flows. Too bad there is no option for changing the sensitivity of your paddle.

There are three levels to play. Each level will take you about 15 minutes and eventually you will have to defeat a boss. Of course the first level is the easiest, but your concentration will be tested. Why? Different colours, different blocks, different backgrounds. When playing the levels, the dots become stripes, the backgrounds change into different colours and shapes. Focus is an important word. You can easily being distracted by the dots and backgrounds changing each time you continue your quest into the next chapter within a level.

I already mentioned the beat effects the gameplay. But, the beat is produced by great music this game has to offer. Gaining more points during the game effects the tone of the songs. More points and bonuses means a "better" sound quality. The game offers catchy techno tunes that are well paced when playing a level.

Bit. Trip Beat is not an unique concept, but it is unique in a way it has not been done as a game on Wii, or even on a console from this generation. It is now available on Wiiware for only 600 points and if you want to try the game first, it is available as a demo on the Wii Shop Channel. Believe me: You must check and play the demo, because this a good game.

Graphics: 7,5
Sound: 8
Gameplay: 7