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User Rating: 10 | BioShock X360

Probably one of the best FPS i played in my entire gaming life, Bioshock is a FPS, but it's not just a FPS with some simple shooting mechanincs, why you may ask? There is something in Bioshock called Plasmids, which after you use the syringe on yourself it gives you unique powers which allow you to shoot electricity, fire, ice or even lift things with your mind and kill enemies with it, you can wield over 8 weapons one of them being a non weapon so in general 7 weapons, the weapons go from a standard wrench to a crossbow with Incendiary Bolts, there also unique enemies but one of them can suprise you if you pick a fight with him when your playing for the first time, and that is the Big Daddy, the Big Daddy's are protector's of the so called Little Sisters, Little Sisters are little girls infected with the Adam slug which is used to gather the Adam itself, it is up to you to decide if you want to take on the Big Daddy's and decide what you want to do with the Little Sister's because remember this the Little Sister's contain Adam which you will need to upgrade your Plasmids without them your game will become a really big challenge and possibly very hard for you, remember that there are also not just electricity, fire or ice plasmids but many more.

I highly recommend Bioshock to everyone who likes non-linear shooters, which are different from the rest.