Really GR8 Gaming. In my opinion it is probably one of the best game ever made in the history of the gaming world!!!!!!!

User Rating: 10 | BioShock Infinite PC
Bioshock Infinte is a very good and interesting game it is a masterpiece of creativity. The thing i liked the most was the amazing fusion of the past with the future technology. We are near the year 1910 and at the same time we are in the City Colombia suspended in the clouds. It completely gives us a special interest in playing it. It has a very wierd thing which doesn't let you leave it. I highly recommend this game. It is a FPS game. The shooting is also good. It has an awesome gameplay and game-length. As it is full of suspense so the ending is great but needs to be understood. It also has an innovative story which lets gamers to enjoy it. I again highly recommend it, you should play it. I have not played such a good game before. That is why I rated it 10/10. It is niether easy nor much much much difficult.