Game is immersive and ambitious and is definitely a solid title. The story is rooted into it's Uncharted like gameplay.

User Rating: 8.5 | BioShock Infinite PS3
The game sucks you in and the co character is charming and alive. The game tells a story through gameplay in a sort of uncharted-like dialog and real time event gameplay, which according to the Creator was inspired by Uncharted. It does have some similarities.
Anyone who likes Uncharted will also enjoy this. The story is a bit more complex and the gameplay isn't as much of an engaging ride as Uncharted 2, but it's something you'll definitely enjoy. The story takes itself seriously enough to suck you in but not overwhelmingly that it leaves you lost in its plot lines. There are certain aspects of the game where I found myself wishing to move on already, and also certain areas where there's so much happening on screen that you have no idea what's going on. The plot allows the game to get away with lots of plot holes but there're not really plot holes because of the concept of the plot. I'm not going to go into details in order to avoid spoilers. It's definitely worth a play. As far as replayability goes, I won't be playing it over. But you might like it enough to. I think the game makes a good attempt to deliver a story through gameplay and blend it smoothly, but it doesn't quite accomplish this as smooth as Uncharted or the new Tombs Raider. In terms of variety, it does have lots of different ways to play and isn't a linear experience.