You defend the Little Sisters as they gather ADAM for you. If you hate that, then you really shouldn't get this. UpToYou

User Rating: 10 | BioShock 2: Protector Trials X360
Do you remember that one bit in the first Bioshock where you pretend to be a Big Daddy and protect a Little Sister? Do you remember how that was greatly expanded upon in Bioshock 2?
Well that is this. That is all this is.
I'm putting a lot of emphasis on this because I know that this seems to be one of those "Love it or Hate it" sort of things.
Some people think that it's neat and one of the many charms of the game, but others think that it is annoying and gets in the way.

I am the former. I enjoy being a Big Daddy and for caring for the Little Sisters, and the strategy involved in setting up the room to play in my advantage.
Setting up traps, hacking the security, sabotaging all of the vending machines an med-stations, and keeping in mind what I can use in the environment to amplify my powers. It's all part of the fun.

I think that the haters never think of these things and just try to get by with health-kits, candy, and bullets. If you're one of those types, keep away from this DLC. You won't make it.

The Protector Trials goes out of its way to have you defend in just about every way possible.
They switch your weapons, ammo, tonics, plasmids, and the map.
Even how far away the vending machines are can make you change your tactics.
You have to adapt to whatever they give you.

If you do very well, you will also get an extra tonic in Minerva's Den that focuses the gameplay a bit more on these Little Sister segments.

If you love playing as a Big Daddy and defending the Little Sisters, then you'll love this.