Good for achievements, Bad everywhere else!

User Rating: 3.3 | Bionicle Heroes X360
Let me start off by saying that I purchased Bionicle Heroes because I read the achievement points were easy to get (which is mostly true). The problem that I'm having is that the game is so painstakingly bad and boring that I'm having a hard time forcing myself to play it all the way through to get all of the points. The graphics in this game look like they were developed for the original xbox and it may be one of the worst looking games for the Xbox 360. The game is also very dark on my TV and there are no brightness controls within the game so I was forced to turn up the brightness on my TV and then return it back to normal settings when I want to watch TV or play any other game. The controls are really bad as well. The camera is very difficult to control and you often find yourself swinging it around violently to try to target the enemies that jump and roll around the maps. There is a lock-on target action that is assigned to both trigger buttons (why do we need both triggers assigned to the same action?), but you have to have your green laser beam eye-sight locked onoto an enemy before you can get a target lock on them (which usually doesn't work very quickly or easily). Switching between targets that you're locked onto is impossible unless you unlock, re-aim and lock on again, which is a huge pain in the butt during the boss battles. The level design is boring and repetitive. The enemies are easy to defeat. You get 6 different Masks that give you 6 different weapon attacks and some are less powerful or harder to hit the enemy with than others so you find yourself generally only using 1-2 of the masks. The masks are based on elemental properties like earth, water, fire, wind, etc but they really don't incorporate those elemental properties into the gameplay. For example, water weapons do more damage against fire enemies, or fire kill water enemies faster. There are only 3 types of enemies and they have no elemental properties. The boss battles are simplistic. Generally, there is a pile of gold rocks that you can build into a creature to send after the boss and you can only build the gold rocks once you have collected enough Lego parts to get your robot into Hero mode (by defeating a never-ending horde of the 3 types of enemies. You also have 5 hearts that represent your health and if you lose those hearts then you lose one of your masks, but you have 6 masks so it's almost impossible to die.

I've played over 70 Xbox 360 games (including arcade) and have over 34k achievement points at the time of this review and so far this is the worst game that I have played to this point (although I'll probably play Eragon soon and that may take the crown). I wouldn't recommend this game to anyone unless they just wanted the achievement points (about 900-940 are easy). BTW I really liked Lego Star Wars 1 & 2 so I have nothing against Lego games.