Shining Light in the video game industry

User Rating: 9.8 | Big Idea's Veggie Tales: LarryBoy and the Bad Apple PS2
“I AM THAT HERO!” That short sentence is something that drives millions upon millions of LarryBoy fans wild. All of those fans will be interested in finding out about this VeggieTales video game on the Playstation 2 - LarryBoy and the Bad Apple. This video game is based on the DVD television show of the same name. For the few readers who have not already seen the DVD television show, let your friendly magazine editor give a little recap (unless you are going to purchase it soon, then please ignore the next few sentences). The Bad Apple wants to tempt the citizens of Bumblyburg. She decides the best strategy is to take out the leaders of the town. That includes LarryBoy, Petuna, and the Mayor. Thankfully the superhero LarryBoy gets help out of his own temptation (which happens to be chocolate), and then rescues all of the other major members. But LarryBoy’s work is not done there as he then has to save the entire town from the Bad Apple. There is no need to add any additional spoilers, just know that this is one very rewarding story that does not beat you over the head with preaching. It does however impart a very important lesson for people of all ages, and it does so in an entertaining way. In fact it is a shining light of good morals in a very dark industry. Speaking of dark industries, this video game is also a shining light in another dark industry. The video game version of VeggieTales: LarryBoy and the Bad Apple includes a level for each of the major characters that were tempted in the DVD television show, and it includes a few other town leaders. The baker, and the fire chief also found themselves ensnared in the web of temptation, and it is up to the player to assist LarryBoy in saving them.

Graphically VeggieTales: LarryBoy and the Bad Apple is very bright and colorful. It is awesome to see the LarryBoy superhero universe being fleshed out in such a visually pleasing way. This is one of the ways that video games can improve upon a television (or movie) show. The graphics are bright and colorful. Each of the worlds is themed quite well. In fact the enemies are also themed to the level. This attention to detail, and diversity shows that Crave Entertainment really put some thought, and hard work into this project. The artwork is very close to the graphics in the DVD television show, and the cut scenes used are exactly as they appear on the DVD television show. Wholesome images are used properly in this game. Temptation is appropriately shown as a bad thing, and assistance is needed in order to overcome this problem that every single human being faces every single day. There are some images that encourage a relationship with God. Again the player is not beat over the head, and it may take someone who looks for them (like yours truly).

The sounds in VeggieTales: LarryBoy and Bad Apple are spectacular. Big Idea has an entire library of wonderful Silly Songs that have spanned several CD’s, multiple DVD projects, and millions (upon millions) of fans. In fact every single DVD television show that has been released from Big Idea includes a new Silly Song because they are that popular. The top songs are included in this video game, and many of them are part of the unlockable material that players can unearth while playing various levels. The sound effects used in the game also work well. The voice acting is at the same level of the DVD television show. The butler Alfred, and LarryBoy have quite a few conversations throughout the game levels, and many of them are quite humorous. It was to my personal pleasure and surprise to find the “Rock On LarryBoy” song to be included in this video game. There are sounds in this video game that encourage all of us to do our best because that is what God wants us to do. It is also very nice to play a video game that is not using the Lord’s name in vain. In fact the opposite is presented as common, every day occurrences, and that is well received here at Family Friendly Gaming.

Rushing through the levels (translation: not looking for every single secret the game had hidden) took me around six hours. Finding all of the secrets is going to take at least that amount of time, if not longer. There are quite a few images, and songs to be found in this game. This really encourages replay value. On top of that there are some simple, but fun mini games included on this DVD video game disc. Multiple saves are allowed so more than one person can enjoy this game at the same time. Most of the mini games are also designed for two players as well. In this reviewer’s humble opinion this game is most assuredly worth your hard earned dollars. Especially when one considers this game is selling for $19.99 US Dollars brand new on the store shelves all across America.

There is some mild cartoon violence, as LarryBoy uses his spin attack to take out the enemies. He also bats attacks back at certain enemies, and they are disposed of. The violence is never graphic, and the enemies are purple ghost like things (as some of the screens on the pages of this review display). The controls took a little getting used to, mainly because I am not familiar with the analog joystick controls on the Playstation 2. The camera also felt a little loose the first couple of levels, but I was able to figure that out pretty quickly. This is a really fun game to play, and the level designs are quite intelligent. Thankfully the puzzles never got to the point of being frustrating.

It is my pleasure to play, review, and write about this video game. It is so nice to have games like this one on the market. It is one that I would recommend to pastors all over the world. It is my hope, and prayer that more games like this one will be appearing soon. People have demanding a good Christian video game that does not beat non-believers over the head, well VeggieTales: Larryboy and the Bad Apple is one such video game.