Not a game. It's an interactive movie. A really good one.

User Rating: 9 | Beyond: Two Souls PS3

The Good:
- Absolutely incredible story
- Incredible motion capture, and animations
- the characters were fleshed out. They feel alive with their dialogue, and the actors' acting
- You care for each of the characters in the game.
- The pace of the game was cleverly made. Going from future to past made it hard to predict what direction the story was going, and kept you
- In many ways, I felt for the protagonist. And some of the things she experienced that weren't super natural, was relateable
- I loved the topics of coming of age, and loss of loved ones.
- the whole concept of controlling a entity outside the body is very clever.
- a lot of clever uses of this ability.
- The settings and scenarios were abundant. You experience Jodie being hunted, homeless, getting beat up, cia mission, spooked, etc.
- The game triggers a lot of different emotions.

The Bad:
- some of the slow motion QTE where you have to read Jodie's movement is difficult to tell which direction she's going.
- I felt they could have done a bit more creative things with jodie and aiden for combat missions. Those sections were too basic and linear.