Well... there was a time when people was just discovering the Magic!

User Rating: 9.6 | Beneath a Steel Sky PC
The computer was more than a book, more even than entering a fantastic world were you could participate at the action yourself. It seemed endless, like it just started to help us build worlds and stories and ideas inside programs. Those kind of games, especially adventures, were not very commercial that time. The programmers were seeking ways to express feelings first. So, I guess the gaming industry started as a passion of some kids who were smart enough to program... And it was fun, so you were wondering: hey, I wanna do this myself, on my own. Is it hard to make such a game?


As for Beneath a steel sky... It's just one of those great classics. And they are not so many. But they are unique, every one of them. With stories that will captivate you, no matter how much time has passed. That is if you seek for the beginnings of the adventure game... Following your character and it's story, trying to solve and understand his problems, to help him find a way out of that interesting idea of a city, to find out about who you are.

Maybe this nostalgic approach is just for the ones who played this kind of games then. Or maybe there will be somebody who will say: yeah, i want to try it. I'm curious.
Though the special moments and unique emotions will remain only for the ones from those times who were just getting an idea of what is today the gaming industry.