What you'd expect from an SNES game, with characters from MTV.

User Rating: 9.4 | Beavis and Butt-head SNES
Like I said, this is exactly what you'd expect from an SNES game: a scrolling, 2D gameplay with difficult obstacles and low life count. Though it's entertaining, it sports high difficulty in almost every way. You can't jump high, you are constantly clicking "continue", and stubborn bosses that just don't play fair. As the game turns on, you'll soon find out that "Guar" is having a concert, and neither of your people have money for the tickets. So, it turns out they try to get famous (or infamous) for doing incredible things, like playing basketball at a high school with a large stick. There are some funny details in the game, such as collecting nickles from phone booths and using them in food and soda machines that give you health, and you'll have to open your mouth and swallow them before thay hit the ground and spoil(can and all?). You get items to use against pesky civilians who try to kill you, like a tennis ball gun or a big stick. Usually, they'll have some sort of other advantage against you, like better speed or invulnerablity from your weapons, which is an example of unfair play. Overall, it's not a bad game, just misguided and more difficult than most games.