Witches, Nudity, Angels, and Guns. A Parrot's Review of the loveable Bayonetta.

User Rating: 8 | Bayonetta X360

Developer: Platinum Games
Publisher: SEGA
Platform: Xbox 360
Genre(s): Action, Hack and Slash
Release Date: January 5, 2010

"Bayonetta took me by complete surprise. Upon first glance my impression of this game was that it was going to be another poorly done Devil May Cry knock-off. However what exists here is one of the most bizarre and yet fun experiences that I have ever had in my my 19 years as a gamer.

First off the game is a joy to behold it is undeniably pleasing to watch in awe as Bayonetta dispatches her foes in her sleek, sexy, and alluring manner. The combat is absolutely addicting and fun as hell. Using her magic hair and quad guns is absolutely more fun than I ever had with Dante or Ryu Hayabusa. And Bayonetta herself is also wonderful. Obviously as a male gamer I have to get this out of the way. Bayonetta is one of sexiest characters ever to be in a hack and slash. Her sexually suggestive poses and taunts never got old and everytime she'd use a special attack with her hair I practically drooled like a retard. However, sex and nudity doesn't make a good game. It can add flavor to it however. Which Bayonetta pulls off beautifully.

The appearance, audio, and gameplay in Bayonetta is all wonderful and masterfully well done. The Xbox 360 version is obviously superior to its Playstation 3 counterpart with shorter loud times and crisper looks. However Bayonetta is not without it's faults.

While Bayonetta's cutscenes are very wonderfully well done, sometimes instead of these the game will use still models of the characters to help further the story and narative. I personally hate still models. Why couldn't the game just have these very well done cutscenes all the way through? Budget trouble or trying to reach a deadline perhaps I don't know but it did pull me out of the experience a little bit. Also to be mentioned while the core of Bayonetta is rather interesting in a way, the story is nothing great or really anything new to be honest. If you are expecting a deep and immersive story with real emotion, keep walking. To play Bayonetta for it's story is like reading Hustler for the articles. Yeah they're ok, but that's not what the product is about.

Bayonetta's strong point is of course is in it's combat which is very easy to grasp and has an incredible amount of depth. The controls fluid and soon you'll be killing angels like a master, which will come in handy in Bayonetta's boss battles. Some of the foes Bayonetta will face are enormous and are fun in an absurd and over the top kind of way, and Bayonetta's final blows on these enemies are always a pleasing sight to behold.

In conclusion Bayonetta is a game that will win you over with it's over the top gameplay, likeable heroine, and beautiful audio. At first thought by me to be a knock-off of Devil May Cry, now I think it just might be better than my old friend Dante."

So in conclusion...
+ Excellent Combat
+Really Good Audio
+Very Likeable Character
+Great Boss Battles

-Lackluster Story
-Still Models

Silver Seal of Recommendation