Rip off done right. Hello friends, long time no see. I drum up the new season with this review...

User Rating: 7.5 | Battletoads NES
The rundown:
After many hours of hitting this game up to refresh my memory of it I think it is due time that I give this old "gem" its review. Battletoads is a product of rare, and as we all know about this company we just love rare. Now love is a loosely used word around our office as it can have several meanings. In the case of the gaming department for the most part we mean we hate it to the point of psychoses. But I digress. Battletoads is a game that Rare produced to rival the at the time (and still very) popular Ninja turtle series. The turtles of course had been around almost a full decade before the toads so it comes as no shocked to me that the fan base of the later series was very unimpressed by the new copy cats. The game came out in 1991 and received much criticism but after people played it for a few hours they really changed their minds. It has three characters that are anamorphic toads with names that are all bad skin conditions. They are Rash ( the leader) Zits and pimple. The games antagonist is a black haired bitch they simply refer to as the dark queen. In this game they plan to beat this dark queen on her planet of mutant aliens. Go ahead and read that I again I said mutant aliens. We will get into this later in the bad and the ugly.

The good:
This game was hard, the levels were challenging. It was another decent stab at a story for a NES game. The gameplay was fun and the pick em up beat em up style is first class of its day. The bosses were fun and the area was very triverse. The toads had some awesome moves and really just kicked some major alian mutant ass whole baby butt.

The bad:
Ok first thing the whole thing with the alien mutant ass whole baby thing really just got lame from the get go. Not only that the enemy design was basically the same the whole game. I want some variety when I'm going around kicking some ass babys. Hell one part of the game they introduce a new enemy and holy crap hes a different color than the rest. And this almost comes as a nod to racism. The regular aliens are red and can take hits yes but after a short while they fly away all rag dolled and dies. Then all of a sudden these slightly bigger PURPLE monsters pop out of the rocks and there tough ass hell. Its like they are just pissed off that you are even thinking about trying to hit them.

The ugly:
Like I said before this game is a total rip off of TMNT. So it comes as no surprise to me that there are several nods and really distasteful cameos to the turtles in this game F@#$ you Rare!

Jerks Conclusion:
After no deliberation at all I give this game a 7.5 firm. Good gameplay, good levels. Bad enemies and bull shit rip offs and moves.