My favorite multiplayer game for the N64.

User Rating: 9.2 | BattleTanx N64
Good: Some of the most fun multiplayer I have ever played; there are a ton of weapons in this game; there are also many varieties of tanks; First game I ever played that I played a game just to destroy the environment, and also the first game that made it fun; The mini-tanks are just freaking cool; All of the multiplayer mades are extremely fun; It has an interesting Storyline.

Bad: The Main campaign is a little hard and it is nowhere near as fun as the multiplayer, but you will want to play it to learn more about the storyline; there are a few minor glitches in gameplay; the graphics arent too terribly good for the Nintendo 64; some of the songs are catchy, but repititive.

Overall, this was one of the games I got my N64 a few months after launch. It was also my third most played game on the system, after OOT and Donkey Kong 64.