This game is an absolute blast. Highly addictive, thoroughly time consuming and the best RTS in years. LOVE IT !

User Rating: 10 | BattleForge PC
If you have even a passing interest in games like Magic The Gathering and/or you are a fan of fantasy of RTS games, this game is for you. In a nutshell you initialy start the game with a couple dozen cards and 3000 Battleforge points. You trade these points for booster packs, each with 8 cards in each. So you have a total of 96 cards out of the current total of 200. You can buy more if you want, but to be honest its going to take you some time to get to know your cards.
The game play is really quiet simple, create a deck of 20 cards and then start a game, this can be PvE, PvP or my favourite Co-Op P v E. You use your cards to cast spells, summon creatures and buildings. Its all very simple to play but very hard to master. You need power points to cast your cards and Elemental shrines of the same colour as your deck. Then you kick the **ap out of each other using sneaky tactics and summoning better card tactics then you opponent. The Graphics are colourfull and in my opinion brilliant.

This game is so addictive and i absolutley love it!!!