Excellent FPS

User Rating: 9.3 | Battlefield 2142 PC
I promised this review a long time ago, so I apologize for it being overdue.

Anyways, Battlefield 2142 is actually the first Battlefield game I've played, so it took me a long while to get a feel for the game, which is why the learning curve can vary for anyone. The storyline to 2142 is that the Earth mysteriously went into a New Ice Age in 2106, supposedly a time Earth should've been in a Golden Age. Two factions (yes, there are only two), the European Union or EU, and the Pan Asian Coalition (a Soviet based coalition) or PAC, begin a war in 2142 to fight for the remianing habitable lands, which are somewhat represented in the game's maps. Gameplay wise, 2142 is very similar to its predecessor, Battlefield 2, with similar conquest modes. Also, there is a new game mode, Titan mode, where you must destroy the enemy's Titan, a colossal and futuristic airship, while defending your own, using anti-titan silos (the equivalent of flags). Overall, this new game mode is quite fun and interesting with additional air and land vehicles and expanded maps. Another new and unique feature is kit customization, where you can get unlocks for every rank up and get to choose to add them or not, which makes up for only getting to choose from four classes (recon, assault, engineer, and support).
The graphics in 2142 are excellent as maps, soldiers, weapons, and vehicles are intricately detailed. However, there are certain stability and lag issues, but they are resolved for the most part by patching. Sound wise, 2142 is perfect. From the bullet snaps of the Zeller Sniper Rifle to the cries of "RACHAAA!!!" by the PAC, the sound is very crisp and clean. Also, VOIP is about the same as it was in Battlefield 2, so it's just as great. The value for 2142 is overwhelmingly good, because the game is wired for you to play at least 10-1000 hours (!!!) to get certain awards which can help boost you to a higher rank, so you're definitely going to get good mileage out of it for its value.
In conclusion, Battlefield 2142 is a great FPS that you should consider buying. The only real downside is that you're going to need to devote a lot of time to get to the rank you want to be at (Brigadier General at 57,700 points), but it is still an extremely fun game, especially to play with/against friends on. BTW, if you get/have this game, my tag is (TGC)cs88, so feel free to add me or challenge me. Lastly, thanks for taking the time to read this review!