Battlefield 2 is close to the PC version, and has a little more to offer than most people mention.

User Rating: 8.4 | Battlefield 2: Modern Combat X360
:Good Idea:
·The graphics are awesome looking. It has a good motion blur to it and really is one of the best looking 360 titles out. It has cool effects with the smoke and weather effects.
·There are a ton of weapons and vehicles to choose from. Each class has a unique weapon, which you can update overtime with a better gun (or just keep the original).
·The single player missions are pretty sweet. It's got a bit of story behind it and is not the same as the PC single player (which is basically multi player with bots). There's even challenges that hold close to an arcade game but stick to the BF2 roots.

:Bad Idea:
·A few points in the game, you'll run into some minor lag. Mainly from explosions. It's pretty minor and doesn't jump as much as just drop frames for a second.
·The jumping system feels a little weak. For instance, in the third single player mission, you can jump from rooftop to rooftop. Well, in theory, you can. Most of the time, you end up not jumping at all and just walking off of a building.
·All though not a terrible thing, the game doesn't play like the PC version.

·This is one of the best playing and looking 360 titles out right now. I don't really agree with GameSpot's review with their cons of the game. It's arcade style shooting, yes, but it doesn't mean it's not fun. Games are about fun, right? Right?? (No, they're about flashy graphics and the story you heard in the previous game.)