Battlefield 3 is one of the best Arcade games ever made. This is a WW2 shooter you won't soon forget.

User Rating: 9 | Battlefield 1943 X360
So, picture this: a $15 multiplayer only first person shooter that has graphic and audio quality that rival, and even exceeds some full retail, $60 games. Would you get it? Well, you should.

And that's Battlefield 1943 for you. This game not only changed the quality of Xbox LIVE Arcade games, but it even excelled at things that some full retail videogames wouldn't even dream about excelling. This is the one Arcade game that deserves your full attention.

Best looking Arcade game on the market
Intense gameplay
Great, destructible maps
2 simple, yet great game modes
Amazing sound design and soundtrack
Everything is wonderfully balanced

Squads are underdeveloped
Voice chat issues
Some glitches

Battlefield 1943 is meant to be played online. If you don't have an Xbox LIVE Gold Membership, you don't have Battlefield 1943. But if you do, you're in for some luck. The intense multiplayer matches will be some of the greatest experiences in your life. But the greater experiences you will have are with your team. Teamwork is emphasized in 1943, and without, your team will crumble into a deep abyss as the other probably well coordinated team dominates the battlefield. But, if you do get a working team going, you are sure to stand a chance in your battle. From engaging enemy fighters in the sky to gunning down enemy foot soldiers in a trench, there is sure to be many memorable experiences to be had.

But getting a full 12 player team to work together is a challenge, so instead of having to coordinate a whole team, you are separated into teams of 4, called squads. Here, squad members can issue orders, coordinate attacks, and raise h*ll on the battlefield. It's a cool experience, but squads feel underdeveloped. You can't invite other players in game from the menu, only friends. So choosing who's in your squad is a major pain. But when you do get a squad going, it's a ton of fun. But there's another problem. Voice chat is difficult and usually doesn't work, so when you're trying to tell a teammate something, they will only really hear half about what you're saying. This may, also, hamper the squad experience.

But matches are a ton of fun, and the beautiful environments you wage war on truly enhance the experience. Battlefield 1943 has to be the best looking Arcade game ever made, and might even be one of the best looking games, period. From the amazing vegetation to the realistic gun fire and explosions to the well crafted water, the game is just beautiful. But, like in Battlefield: Bad Company, you can blow it all up! And not only does it look wonderful, it's just a ton of fun, and is perfectly balanced, like the rest of the game. You can blow up walls with grenades. You can plow through a building in a tank. You can level a base via a well aimed aerial bomb attack. The game is just a ton of fun, no matter what you are doing.

Battlefield 1943 is one of the best Arcade games out there. The game features tight multiplayer action, massive battles across huge maps, vehicles, destructible environments, and much, MUCH more. You'd be doing yourself a favor by enlisting in this amazing World War II shooter.