One of the worst WWII games of all time.

User Rating: 5 | Battlefield 1942 PC
I'm going to go right out and say it: battlefield 1942 stinks. If it didn't have it's easy -to-mod enviorment, it wouldn't have anything going for it. Offline Gameplay: The offline gameplay is so obviosuly an afterthought i'm not even laughing. This is evident in the AI that makes George W. Bush comparable to Albert Einstien, even on the highest setting, and the fact that no add-on maps have not been added into the offline play in any patch. Online Gameplay: The game has little going for it, with its limited view distance, arcade gameplay style, and a not-so great and not easy to read user interface. What absoloutly ruins the game more than anything else is it's terrible players. It's not uncommon to see a player just playing the game to cause trouble, or seeing people wasting cars for fun. The fact that you can only spawn a foot soldier, and then you can jump in any vehicle you want is what riuns it. It's not the fact that an infantry would not be trained as a pilot or tank commander, it's the fact that it leads to the phenomenon of vehicle camping, especially plane camping. For example, on any map wtih a plane, you will, without fail, come across at least two people who have memorised the exat spot a plane will spawn, oh yes, they have read the book, studied the map, and even seen the video, yes they are plane campers. They stand at the spot will the plane will spawn, holding down the "E" key (or whatever key they have enter vehicle mapped to) so that they will be in the plane the nano-second it appears on the field. And 90% of the time the guy crashes his plane on takeoff, or he is rammed by another former camper's jeep who was gunned down by him. Also, players are far too impaitent, its not uncommon to see half tracks driving around with no gunners or passengers. It seems like the developers forsaw this, as tanks are a single crew vehicle, rather than the 2-5 crew vehicles they were in real life. Graphics: Normally in a game I look for non-bugged graphics rather than high poly models or high resoloution textures, however this game suffers from a very limited view distance, even on the highest setting, almost like the entire map is shrowded in fog. The view distance is something like 500m, which is unacceptable and unessarcary. Sound: The sound in Battleifled 1942 is very weak, and I've seen silent gun bugs, and the game just overall suffers from the lack of strength in the sound. Conclusion: If your looking for a good WWII online game, I don't reccomend this one, because of it's lack of realism, and the terrible community of the game. As a side note, there was once a player whos name was Black Magic who stalked and harrased me, forcing me to change my name.