A decent but not mind-blowing Batman experience

User Rating: 7 | Batman: The Telltale Series PC

It's a pretty okay start to the series. The only other TellTale games I've played are the first episode of The Walking Dead, and the first episode of The Wolf Among Us, and I was way more interested in playing a Batman game than I was any of their other properties.

This first episode is well-written and surprisingly funny. For example, Bruce Wayne's facial expressions at times are pretty hilarious, such as when you examine things up close and you watch his eyebrows raise like he's skeptical or disappointed. The main draw of this game is definitely the characters, which shouldn't come as a surprise. Disappointingly though, this incarnation of Batman messes with some traditional Batman characters just a teensy weensy bit, which might rub some fans the wrong way, myself included. I wasn't expecting this game to be yet another re-imagining of Batman, and yet it is. It's also fairly mature content wise, which I was also not expecting, but was very glad to see.

As far as the actual gameplay goes, it's a mixed bag, but a fun one. The action is kinetic and exciting to watch. Sometimes the controls don't respond like they should, at certain points (the quick-time events) I had to put my controller down and use the mouse and keyboard instead because my button presses weren't working. The dialogue choices are tense and you don't have much time to think, which is a good thing on paper at least. Some of the choices though feel like they punish you just for being courteous or doing what comes natural, like it lures you into doing something that seems innocent enough but then it bites you in the rear end later. It tries to give you the whole "moral grey area" shtick like other choice-based games do so well, but instead feels like you've been duped into a lose-lose scenario. This is probably a failing on the writing's part, and not so much the design of the game, since these games are supposed to be like that I guess. This game also lets you use Batman's detective side, which is a welcome breath of fresh air, even if the detective section isn't challenging in the slightest. In other words, it's very simplistic. Also, while avoiding any spoilers, one of Batman's investigations in this game comes to a very stupid conclusion that doesn't make any sense at all, but you can determine that for yourself. Let's just say you spend a good while doing detective work only to find what you're looking for very, very close by.

Overall, it's a good Batman experience, but it feels a little backhanded at times. Just enjoy stepping into the shoes of Bruce Wayne/Batman for a while and try to look past its minor flaws. Regarding the game's bad frame rate: it worked well enough for me to play it and not cause me to stop playing, like many games in the past which have obvious graphical hitches, but it is noticeable and it is mildly annoying.