Its hard not to feel badass playing this

User Rating: 9 | Batman: Arkham City X360
When it comes to xbox, there isn't a very wide selection of action/adventure games. Especially decent ones. Arkham City is probably the best one out right now. Plus you get to be Batman. It's pretty much a win win.

Rocksteady takes the superhero video game and gives it top notch graphics, a big city to explore, and a lot of things to do, whether you get into the main story, or just do the side quests. The game has great voice acting, and some of the most entertaining cutscenes in current games. Most of the scenes consist on one on ones with Batman and one of his many foes. A bundle of Batman's villains are incorporated into Arkham City, whether big roles or small ones.

Arkham City is pretty addicting. The combat system alone is like a thing of beauty. Theres nothing better than the kind game that can make you feel like a badass by doing the smallest things. Arkham City delivers that feeling big time. Even flying across the city crawling through spaces looking for those riddler trophies is fun enough to spend ages on. Even though the game is overall solid, it still has a few flaws. The game isn't all that challenging with the exception of a few parts. Flying into a group of unarmed thugs is almost too easy to beat them all. The boss fights are too easy, but still pretty fun. The story and dialogue is decent enough, thanks to Mark Hamill's great Joker.

Arkham City is one of the better action adventure games out now and should definitely be tried by those who like the genre, even if you arent into comics.